My boyfriend’s friends tried to give me an allergic reaction as revenge’

When you get into a relationship, you hope and you pray that your new partner will love your friends just as much as you do, and vice versa, so you can live a happy and conflict-free life.

But, sadly, it doesn’t work out that way, as one woman can attest, after her boyfriend’s closest friends tried to make her have an allergic reaction as a form of so-called ‘revenge.’

“My partner’s friends and I have never got on very well – our personalities just don’t gel, and apart from my partner we have nothing in common,” she explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

However, things recently came to a head when one of the boyfriend’s friends hosted a dinner party, and asked whether anyone had any food allergies beforehand.

“I actually have a pretty unusual one. I come out in rashes if I eat lychee, which really upsets me because I love lychee,” she explained. “Anyway, I told them about this allergy, even though hardly anyone uses lychee in recipes.”

The woman explained that she doesn’t drink, so she drove herself and her boyfriend to house where the dinner party was taking place and to start with, things were going pretty well.

“The dinner party began, and it was going quite nicely, conversation was pleasant. Then they served the starter. It had lychee in it,” she continued.

“Thinking about how much effort they had to go to to obtain and think of a savoury dish I was pretty angry but held it in. Then the main had lychee too.”

At that point, the woman decided to storm out and walked the five-mile journey home, completely forgetting she had travelled by car, however she did say the walk helped her clear her head.

“I ignored the phone calls from my partner, although I did message to say I was safely home. I’d forgotten I was my partner’s lift home, so he got a taxi back a couple of hours later, and we had an argument where he thought I was wrong for leaving him unable to get home as he’d had a bottle of wine by the time I left,” she continued.

“I was upset that he hadn’t told his friends that what they had done was not how you treat people that you’ve invited to your house. I was also upset that he’d stayed there anyway, if my friends had treated him like that I’d have left their house along with him.”

The woman later found out that her partner had called for a taxi shortly after she’d left, but that it had taken a couple of hours before he’d managed to get one, and added that he got up early the next day to go and pick up her car so that she didn’t have to.

“He did confront them and asked what they were playing at, turns out it was some sort of ‘revenge’ for a barbecue a month earlier that had included veg and halloumi skewers we brought – one of his friends is lactose intolerant. He said that he’s actually the one who prepared those, he didn’t know his friend was lactose intolerant and even if it had been me being deliberate this isn’t the way adults respond,” she continued, adding, “if they had a problem with it they should have said at the time not cooked up a nasty revenge.”

The friends later sent a message apologising to the boyfriend, to which he responded saying he’ll accept it when his girlfriend does.

Unsurprisingly, people on Reddit were horrified that the friends could be so dangerously mean, even if it was an act of so-called revenge.

“This goes well beyond a**hole behaviour straight up into assault, in my opinion,” one Reddit user wrote. “Possibly even attempted murder, depending on if you told them how mild it was or not, and whether they ‘warned’ you it had lychees in it or made you figure it out for yourself.”

Meanwhile, others pointed out that lychees are pretty rare ingredients in the United States, meaning the friends must’ve gone out of their way to find them for their act of revenge.